Designed for older children aged 8+ to teens. Hot o the fashion trail you can be sure to nd an orthopaedic shoe style to meet the fashionable demands of our older customers who still need ‘true’ orthopaedic footwear support. Packed full of new styles with all of the same high functioning, high quality, excellent support and t that you would expect from Piedro® children’s footwear. 


  • Extra sole rigidity for increased foot support Nubuck - Camel 

  • Supports the malleoli and helps to control the ankle joint
  • Helps to promote good posture 

  • Provides all of the heel and toe space needed to 
allow the foot to develop naturally
  • Contoured insole positions feet correctly inside 
the shoe 

  • Made from high quality leather and components 
for breathability, comfort and longevity 

  • Minimal seams to prevent rubbing 

  • Available in sizes 34 – 42 

  • Rehabilitation & Stability available in widths 1½ to 8½
  • Afo available in widths Narrow, Regular, Wide
  • Reverse Lasted available in widths 4½, 6½

Order process

How to order

For fast delivery choose a model from the Essentials range with a delivery between 4 – 5 working days. If you want to made your order you need to choose a model from the Concepts range, with a delivery time of 14 – 21 working days.  

Choose your construction style

Measure your shoe size & foot width


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